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Marketing automation

Marketing Automation

The right message at the right time with the right dosage

The right message to the right person at the right time

By controlling commercial pressure and triggering the sending of messages according to established scenarios

Reduce the production load of teams

Thanks to trigger planning, teams have more time to focus on more value-added tasks

Ultra-personalized communication

By sending specific messages according to the behavior of each individual, for an authentic and one to one experience with your customers

What is

marketing automation ?

Marketing automation consists of a process which uses tools that allow the sharing of an omnichannel communication to the target population, which is triggered or planned by marketers following customer behavior or pre-established scenarios

The challenges of marketing automation

by business sector

The E-commerce sector is surely the sector for which marketing automation is essential.


As the customer’s purchasing experience is fully digital, the relationship with the brand will be almost exclusively through interposed messages.


This is why it is vital to be able to quickly trigger communications related to the interactions of visitors to the site.

  • Purchase thanking
  • Abandoned cart relaunch
  • Birthday
  • Complementary products
  • Stock supply
  • Call following negative opinion

By capitalizing on centralized data, you can envision messages in a personalized way in response to customer and prospect expectations and schedule ahead to leave at the right time.

Marketing automation in the retail sector is a complementary tool to the relationship established by sellers.


It is a way of extending the lived experience by creating an attachment to the brand via relational communications personalized for each individual.

  • Weather trigger to encourage people to visit the store
  • Birthday trigger
  • Localized event trigger
  • New collection trigger following purchase
  • Loyalty program trigger
  • Store opening geolocated trigger


Thanks to marketing automation, the brand’s experience is also felt in the home of the customer who remains informed and in touch with the brand all year round.

Marketing automation is also essential in the tourism sector if we want to provide tourists with the most satisfying travel experience possible.


Thanks to the centralized knowledge of all of its travel information, it is possible to imagine the programming of messages that occur at the key stages of the journey:

  • Summary trigger of the upcoming flight
  • SMS to get the rented vehicle
  • Summary of flight documents at D-2
  • Weather trigger for sun destination
  • Trigger with plan and direction for housing
  • Trigger with activities to do during the trip
  • Travel recommendation for next year


Based on the information collected, the possibilities for marketing automation scenarios related to vacations or travel are enormous and formidably effective in retaining tourists and encouraging them to retry the adventure.

The whole charitable sector is generally forced to communicate at the same end-of-year periods to encourage donations and renewal of donation.


Thanks to marketing automation, it is possible to create a new relationship with donors by exchanging with them throughout the year

  • Trigger for tax deduction
  • Advanced trigger of the project for which we donated
  • Trigger for becoming an ambassador
  • PA renewal trigger
  • Trigger for volunteering


By offering donors visibility and results throughout the year on their donations made, you give meaning to their charitable action and thus push them to renew or increase the amount of these donations from which they can feel the benefit.

Some stats

concerning the marketing automation in France
of companies using marketing automation solutions have seen their number of customers increase
this is the conversion rate generated by marketing automation in B2B, 40% in B2C
of companies use marketing automation in their customer journey
it is the increase in lead volume using marketing automation