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Our data visualization offer

The data visualization

to understand your audience

We create with you tailor-made reports adapted to your activity

We create the data environment necessary for the visualization of the data :

  • Data feed
  • Data cleaning
  • Data structuring

We connect the database to Clicdata or to your own tools and we create the views necessary for the creation of graphical dashboards.

You will then be able to cross-reference all of your centralized data and interpret them easily thanks to their visual representation.

3 possible options

for data visualization

- Data selected by 1BY1
- Dashboards created by 1BY1
- Adapted to your business sectors
- Read-only share

Level 1

- Customer brief
- Tailor-made dashboards
- Customer data selection
- Possible modification
- Read-only share

Level 2

- Customer access to the tool
- Autonomous creation of views
- Unlimited dashboards
- Unlimited data selection
- Share with modification

Level 3

Data at the service

of data visualisation

Marketing 1BY1 dataviz offer - english

Choose your data visualization


You already have a data visualization tool? No problem.

We are able to synchronize the CDP with any tool in order to allow you to keep the technical environment adapted to your teams and your structure.

We will create with you the environment necessary to use your data for graphic visualization purposes.