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Our marketing automation offer

The right message

to the right person, at the right time

Schedule interactions with your audience

Your data is centralized, all you have to do is imagine the best scenarios to communicate with your audience and create a unique relationship with each of them.


Free yourself from significant production time by configuring triggers on all channels to send a personalized message based on the actions of your customers and prospects.

Marketing automation with 1by1 is the opportunity to easily capitalize on your data to retain your audience by providing them with information tailored to their needs and interests.

The functionalities

of marketing automation

Ready-to-use scenarios

Product recommandation

Weather module


Ready-to-use or build


marketing automation 1BY1

1BY1's marketing automation


Products recommandation


1by1 analyzes all the transactions and visits of individuals present in the database and calculates the best products in line with their behavior.

The weather module

Communicate over time

Linked with more than 600 French cities, the 1by1 weather marketing module makes it possible to identify the climatic conditions closest to the Internet user and to trigger a message automatically according to the defined climatic criteria.


to manage commercial pressure

Our hierarchy moteur makes it easy to prioritize the different communications to which a contact is eligible and to capper the maximum number of messages that the customer can receive.